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March – PreStats Report

Hi All,

I’m working on March stats and want to know if anyone has particular interests that they’d like me to report on. Unfortunately I butchered actually pulling the list in March so I only have 19 of the 31 days — my mistake, but it’ll offer some highlights hopefully.

So if there are particular things that interests people, please let me know asap (such as # of unconfirmed, # of reports per version, etc.., etc…)

I will have these done in the next 48 hours so the sooner the better for any requests.



Well I’ve procrastinated doing stats for March (and now I’ll be behind in April as well) – but I opted to do a quick post about our unconfirmed bugs right now. Quick overview of Jan 15th – April 27th. I pulled bugs *almost* every day. In my opinion our biggest duty as QA is to keep the unconfirmed bug count down and try to tackle triaging bugs as fast as possible. While we continue to press towards this goal the increasing number of users – and more specifically users who are willing to report bugs – continues to challenge our small QA team but, these stats highlight just how great our team is and continues to be. Tremendous thanks to each one of you who even take a few minutes out of your busy days to triage a bug or two.

Without further delay:

Between January 15th & April 27th 3,002 bugs were reported – I’m serious, no lie, over 3,000 bugs reported! Thanks (partly sarcastic?) to our fantastic users for reporting problems when you find them. This period covers 103 days (so about 29 bugs per day reported). Just maintaining our unconfirmed count would have been a tremendous success…..but, WE DID BETTER!

Week Last Count of Week
3 1414
4 1449
5 1395
6 1457
7 1487
8 1507
9 1475
10 1475
11 1554
12 1508
13 1482
14 1503
15 1481
16 1357
17 1313

The week # is determined by Spreadsheet’s “WEEKNUM” function, the last pull of the week is the # of bugs on the right.  As can easily be seen we DECREASED the overall UNCONFIRMED bug count by 101 bugs in 103 days – so putting the numbers together (number reported – (net change)) we get a whopping 3,103 bugs triaged during this period!

Truly incredible, again, thank you all for your hard work 🙂