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More Good News with Contest


Well we are down to ~970 UNCONFIRMED bugs which is the lowest that we’ve been at for at least the last 14-16 months!  Furthermore just 4-6 months ago we were near 1,600, with the continued dedication and hard work of everyone, halving that # is not out of the picture by end of contest (although the goal is still 25% deducation which is ~80 more triaged in the next few days). This chart shows how fast we’ve seen a decline:

More so, on the list of top bug closers we can see that our team (including some new names) dominate FDO 🙂 — I only wish the list included # of bugs moved from UNCONFIRMED to some other status — oh well.

I hope to get some preliminary #’s out per person this weekend – but don’t hold your breath, it’s pretty tedious getting the #’s together.


A Week In

First let me continue to say that I’m thrilled at the progress we’ve had. A couple more people have joined in the last day or so and I’m seeing my email spammed (in a good way) with the meta tracker bug being commented on – meaning bugs are being marked against the meta bug. The # of UNCONFIRMED bugs has plummeted from 1,190 to just 982 – the goal was to have 25% done which means the total needs to be 100 less than where we currently are which seems to be more than manageable.

Just a few short months ago we were hovering in the 1600 range, nearly halving that is really amazing 😀

Thanks all for your great work

Contest Banner – Thanks!

For those of you who haven’t seen it – our marketing team (thanks Astron!) and our website team (Cloph, cheers to you) teamed up and got a banner on our site. Looks perfect so wanted to share


which of course links to the wiki 🙂

Some More Good News – Initial Numbers through Yesterday

Pull_Date Total Bug Count Per Day Reported Unconfirmed Count Absolute Daily Change Per Day Triaged (Absolute + # Reported)
06/19/13 19,817   1,190    
06/20/13 19,834 17 1,132 -58 -75
06/21/13 19,865 31 1,095 -37 -68
06/22/13 19,885 20 1,090 -5 -25
06/23/13 19,918 33 1,073 -17 -50

Contest – A Few Days In

Well the good news continues coming in – we’re now at -158 UNCONFIRMED bugs over the course of the past few days – furthermore we’re at -51 open bugs (meaning we’ve set the bug to WFM, DUPE, etc…) and they are no longer open issues needing to be addressed by devs.

Really great work everyone, goal is still 25% and I think this is definitely a realistic goal at this point.

Keep up the great work everyone 🙂

Contest – Day 1

Well, I have to say that the results of day 1 (not results but overall numbers) are quite impressive 🙂 Well surpassing my expectations. We are ~20 hours into the contest and the UNCONFIRMED bug count is down by 43 bugs – which turns out to be about 3.6% of the overall UNCONFIRMED count.

I haven’t crunched #’s to see who is the leader(s) yet as I’m still trying to figure out the easiest way to do it – might just be manually counting – but hopefully I will have a list up tomorrow at some point.

Thanks all for participating – my 25% goal maybe was too conservative….. 🙂

4.1 RC Triage Contest Has Begun!

Very excited to announce that our 4.1 Release Candidate triage contest has begun! From now until July 5th QA members, developers, new contributors and any other people who want to participate are invited to join in, confirm some bugs, meet new people, and be a part of the process which has and continues to add to the great FLOSS product which is LibreOffice.

For details please check out:

Goal: (note this is just my personal goal) – 25% reduction in UNCONFIRMED bugs which currently sits at 1,190 bugs. This means keeping up with daily bug reports + an additional 300 or so bugs off the list.