LibreOffice for Lawyers – Update 2

Well – first interoperability problem. I wasn’t aware that Microsoft Word doesn’t support styles…having setup about 10 styles to handle all the nuances of legal writing, after sending it to my partner and having it returned I noticed that fonts were changed (both font type and font size). A bit unfortunate but not really sure how to correct it :-/

Workaround: Copy and special pasting as unformatted into my document after he sends me his docs. This is easy enough, but still, for people needing to have consistency, I could see this being a tad bit of a problem.

Still chugging along and only minor hiccups that I’ve been able to resolve with quick workarounds.



EDIT: Apparently Word does support styles so now I have to do some future diagnostics to figure out what is going on. Still not sure if it’s LibreOffice problem with exporting to .doc or Microsoft Office problem with not handling styles correctly. Need to add it to the list of things to check out when I have time.


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4 responses to “LibreOffice for Lawyers – Update 2”

  1. Jay Philips (@jphilipz) says :

    I didnt quite get this as i know Microsoft Word does support styles. Could it be that Writer is messing up the styles on export, so that Word isnt able to import these styles.

  2. Bob Harvey says :

    Word supports a subset of the range of styles that Libre Office does. Word Styles are pretty much only Paragraph Styles, though there are character styles too. Libre Office has page styles and frame styles and numbering styles too.

    Word’s handling of styles has been very variable between versions, and at least until 2010 you were likely to find styles hopelessly garbled in documents over 30 pages. They tended not to be saved in autosaved documents either.

    • joelmadero says :

      @Bob – that’s interesting also. I believe I’m mostly using paragraph styles not character styles. On my side I have size 12 Century Schoolbook L, when he opens it he sees size 10 Times New Roman. Updating my post to reflect that now I’m not sure what’s going on and further tests need done

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