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MSO 2013 Template Interop Project

Hi All,

Ever wanted to get involved with LibreOffice but not sure how? Well – here’s a nice easy way to do just that.

Goal: Improve interoperability with MSO 2013 templates

What is Needed:

  1. Microsoft Office 2013
  2. Daily build of LibreOffice (



Reporting Identified Bugs: 

  1. Create account at
  2. Click on File a bug;
  3. Select LibreOffice;
  4. Component = Calc, everything else leave as is;
  5. For bug comment:
    1. Provide clear and enumerated steps on how to reproduce;
    2. Upload pdf of what the file should look like;
    3. Make sure to include your operating system and version of LibreOffice

Example of Good Bug Report:

This is a really easy way to contribute back to the community and an area that will lead to substantial improvements in the project. Contact me:

  • Leave a comment on the blog;
  • Email me;
  • Find me in our chat: