March – PreStats Report

Hi All,

I’m working on March stats and want to know if anyone has particular interests that they’d like me to report on. Unfortunately I butchered actually pulling the list in March so I only have 19 of the 31 days — my mistake, but it’ll offer some highlights hopefully.

So if there are particular things that interests people, please let me know asap (such as # of unconfirmed, # of reports per version, etc.., etc…)

I will have these done in the next 48 hours so the sooner the better for any requests.


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4 responses to “March – PreStats Report”

  1. steve says :

    Joel, it would be great to have monthly stats available that receive constant updates, containing the most important stats like

    * all # of all open bugs
    * # of open bugs LO4
    * # of unconfirmed LO4
    * # of new bugs
    * # of closed bugs

    Maybe that would even make for a nice visualization for the LO homepage?

    • joelmadero says :

      Sure I’ll get those this time and backtrack to January – the nice thing is shortly the bugs will be pulled automatically to server so I won’t have to remember to manually pull them (and thus forget often enough to make stats less than perfect).

      One vital point about your stuff with LibreOffice version 4.0+ bugs…these are less than accurate. The reason is that our version field should mean the earliest version that the bug manifests itself – most people instead report against the version they are using. QA tries to do our best to fix these but it’s incredibly hard to test every bug against 3.4 – 4.1 master to figure out where the bug came from. So, this leads to a scenario where many LibreOffice 4.0+ bugs are actually 3.6 or prior bugs and just were reported incorrectly.

      None the less, I can handle these and just make sure everyone understands what they mean

      Edit –
      @Steve – didn’t realize it was you, haha, you know the stuff about version field, but good that other people can read the comment and understand also

  2. Stephan van den Akker says :

    Hi Joel,

    First, thanks to you and all people involved in QA for their impressive work during the last months. I have encountered QA activity on fdo for almost all of the bugs I monitor myself.

    I was wondering if your stats could possibly answer an important question for me:

    ——> Is Libre Office reducing technical debt?

    Let me explain what I mean.

    It’s no secret that over the past 2 years the focus of the LO community has been on growing the community. This involved:
    – Letting coders tinker with parts of LO where no coder had gone for years.
    – Getting rid of stifling QA procedures.
    – Internal restructuring of code and “gbuild-ification”

    The downside of this for users like me has been a massive increase in “regressions” (newly introduced bugs). Every release announcement of LO included a long list of fixed bugs. Looking closer however, you would see that almost all of these fixed bugs where recent regressions.

    Most older bugs and enhancement requests from the OOo era where sitting in fdo unassigned.

    But recently I have noticed a subtle and positive change. Several bugs dating back to ancient OOo releases got fixed by new community members. Nothing scientific, but I also notice more old (lower) fdo numbers mentioned in the IRC chatter.

    Maybe this community growing thing is finally paying off!

    I wonder if it would be possible for you to introduce something like a “Technical debt index”:

    Technical debt index = ( #Issues with Version <= 3.3.0 ) / ( #Issues )

    And another index:

    Technical debt fixing index = ( #Issues fixed with Version <= 3.3.0 ) / ( #Issues fixed )

    Possibly even including AOO issues?

    I would like to hear your thoughts on this.


    Stephan van den Akker
    the Netherlands

    • joelmadero says :

      I am going to try to do a blog post on just this topic after I get March/April/May done – if I forget, please feel free to ping me in a couple weeks and say “hey what’s up with that blog post” – I think it’d be an interesting blog. This being said, I’m sure it’ll be quire subjective šŸ™‚

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