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Contest Results :)

Here is the list of people who participated and the order which they came in πŸ™‚ If you don’t see your name and you should be on there – just let me know.

Thanks to everyone who participated and hopefully many of you will stick around to continue helping – there is always enough work to share πŸ™‚

Joel Madero
Thomas Hackert
Joren De Cuyper
Steve Bell
Thomas v.d Meulen
Cor Nouws
Ken Biondi
Jacques Guilleron
Florian Reisinger
Jean-Baptiste Faure
Michael MΓΌnch
Zoltan Laszlo
Robinson Tryon
Joan G.
Jan Koberstein
Tim Passingham
Brenda Granados
Ahitagni Mandal
Ralph Aichinger

How Many People Use BSA for the first bug report

Thought itΒ  was interesting:

Unique reporters for bug: 8,188

Reporters using BSA for first report: 2,601

% Of Users using BSA for first report: 31.77%

Quite a bit lower than I anticipated but this includes reports from before BSA was created – could explain it.

And…I’m back :)

Well all – my move is done, handed in my keys in to my old landlord today and my wife and I are happy to call downtown San Diego our new home (we lived in San Diego before – just not downtown πŸ˜‰ ) That being said, net is turned on, and I’m back in action so – hi πŸ™‚

Onto business – I saw some great stuff going on on FDO so I did a bit of digging. Since the contest (which by the way, almost done counting) 309 bugs have been filed but our UNCONFIRMED bug count has only climbed by 20 or so – really great work everyone, thanks for the hard work

FDO Maintenance — NEEDINFO Bugs

I just did the mass closure of bugs for the NEEDINFO procedures (moved bugs to INVALID if they hadn’t been touched in the last month or so). Here are the final results:

30 5 1 295 3 2 1 28 15 1 381

and for %’s which can be more useful πŸ™‚


7.87% 1.31% 0.26% 77.43% 0.79% 0.52% 0.26% 7.35% 3.94% 0.26% 100.00%

I will be doing the next set (moving to NEEDINFO) in the near future.


Less Than One Day Left – Final Push for the Contest

Well we’re on our last day, let’s try to make a big final push! By “let’s” I hate to say, it’s up to YOU – I’ll be attending my sister in law’s wedding so I’ll be out for the next couple days. Joren, Robinson and I will be tallying #’s next week.

In advance, thanks everyone for your hard work and dedication to the contest. I’m looking forward to getting tshirts in the mail πŸ˜€


Rough #’s

These are very very rough #’s – I already know of a couple issues with the count:
a) a single bug can be counted for multiple people with this method, Joren and I will be manually checking these
b) this only includes bugs that were UNCONFIRMED on the first second of the contest and new bugs from that point on – this means bugs that went from some other status to UNCONFIRMED in between are omitted, Joren and I will also work on this

So – don’t panic if you don’t see the #’s you were hoping to see πŸ˜‰ VERY ROUGH COUNT

Name Points
Joel 137
Joren 103
Thomas Hackert 75
SteveBell 43
Thomas(pje) 37
Cor Nouws 35
Ken 14
Florian Reisinger 11
Ralph Aichinger 4
Tim Passingham 4
Brenda Granados 2
Jan Koberstein 2
Ahitagni Mandal 1
Robinson Tryon 1

Overall very nice work πŸ™‚ Some other good signs:
-249 UNCONFIRMED bugs in the time frame
337 bugs were reported during this time frame
This means that 586 bugs have been triaged
New people are still joining πŸ™‚

We have a few days left, let’s push through the end to get to the 25% goal – about 60 more bugs gets us there.

Thanks all for your tremendous dedication πŸ˜€

Delayed #’s

Been a couple days since I’ve posted #’s, sister in law wedding Friday so things are a bit hectic. I will try really hard to push a few numbers tomorrow – apologies for the delay!

Just a note, in the past couple days we’ve had at least 3-4 more people join πŸ˜€ I hope everyone sticks around to help us moving forward. With the # of triagers currently involved with the contest I think we can easily push forward towards the ultimate goal of 0 bugs beyond 30 days old on the UNCONFIRMED list.

As always, it’s incredible working with such a great team.