LibreOffice for Lawyers (Update 2)

Well I have to say that LibreOffice is really outshining my own very high expectations. I’m incredibly impressed that it’s been able to handle basically everything I’ve thrown at it. We’re about 10 pages into our brief and so far all the “routine” work is going smoothly. There are quite a few quarks with regards to the table of authorities – maybe I just don’t know how to use them exactly right – but if we hope to penetrate the legal market in a real sense (especially in the United States), these quarks will have to be resolved. Mostly minor things:

1. Inconsistency with what is highlighted when you insert a new entry. (i.e. highlight the entry, go to insert -> Entry) and push ok. About half the time only a little mark is entered at the beginning of the entry to indicate that it’s now an entry that will be in the table, the other half of the time the entire entry is highlighted.

2. For some reason I’m getting a really strange entry (will try to get a cleaned/non confidential document together) that shows “1p” in the Table of Authorities for page (instead of “i, 1” because the value entered is both on page “i” and on page “1”)…this one is a bit more problematic.

3. Enhancement could be made to make it much easier to remove entries or edit entries (Insert -> Indexes and Tables -> Entry).

4. Enhancement could be made for a toolbar that does entries (same entries as from #3 above) easily.

Note: This is just a laundry list of things – I don’t expect anyone to do these things, not demanding, not anything beyond observing 😉 To all you lawyers out there reading this – I’d love to get a pool together that is dedicated to improving LibreOffice for lawyers. Comment or email me if you’re interested 🙂


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4 responses to “LibreOffice for Lawyers (Update 2)”

  1. kerwyn says :

    Hi Joel, maybe it’s an idea to create a page on the tdf wiki where all this information can be gathered? Including links to bug reportsn relevant articles, etc…

    Regards, Kerwyn

  2. Aldioooo says :

    Hi Joel, do I understand right that LibreOffice does not support “Table of Authorities”? I just searched the bug tracker, but I could not find any entry on this. Maybe it is a good idea to add a bug/enhancement entry for this?

    • joelmadero says :

      Hey Aldioooo – LibreOffice does indeed support table of authorities! Just doesn’t sort them the way that a lawyer would want them sorted (alpha order) by default (or as an option for automatic) instead you have to manually copy and paste in the order that you want. LibreOffice supports multiple table of authorities though (for instance for statutes, and cases in separate tables) 🙂

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