Fantastic Day #1 for Bug Hunting

Today we really had an incredible showing of support in testing LibreOffice 4.3 beta1. I saw a dozen or more new faces in the chat and some new contributors were responsible for finding some of the nastier regressions that have now been reported and bibisected.

A big thank you to those who participated and I strongly encourage others to jump into the chat in the next couple days to say hello and see what we’re up to.

34 bugs have been reported against 4.3 beta1 in the past 24 hours. Quite a few of those are marked as regressions and many are already bibisected.

Huge thank you!



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3 responses to “Fantastic Day #1 for Bug Hunting”

  1. Steven Clark says :

    Can something be done about performance issues? The long time it takes to launch Libre makes me fantasize about MS Office.

    • joelmadero says :

      I haven’t actually noticed anything like this – have you asked the user list at all? or timed the two to figure out the time it takes LibreOffice versus Microsoft Office?

  2. Adolfo says :

    Great work everyone!

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