Rough #’s

These are very very rough #’s – I already know of a couple issues with the count:
a) a single bug can be counted for multiple people with this method, Joren and I will be manually checking these
b) this only includes bugs that were UNCONFIRMED on the first second of the contest and new bugs from that point on – this means bugs that went from some other status to UNCONFIRMED in between are omitted, Joren and I will also work on this

So – don’t panic if you don’t see the #’s you were hoping to see πŸ˜‰ VERY ROUGH COUNT

Name Points
Joel 137
Joren 103
Thomas Hackert 75
SteveBell 43
Thomas(pje) 37
Cor Nouws 35
Ken 14
Florian Reisinger 11
Ralph Aichinger 4
Tim Passingham 4
Brenda Granados 2
Jan Koberstein 2
Ahitagni Mandal 1
Robinson Tryon 1

Overall very nice work πŸ™‚ Some other good signs:
-249 UNCONFIRMED bugs in the time frame
337 bugs were reported during this time frame
This means that 586 bugs have been triaged
New people are still joining πŸ™‚

We have a few days left, let’s push through the end to get to the 25% goal – about 60 more bugs gets us there.

Thanks all for your tremendous dedication πŸ˜€


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