More Good News with Contest


Well we are down to ~970 UNCONFIRMED bugs which is the lowest that we’ve been at for at least the last 14-16 months!  Furthermore just 4-6 months ago we were near 1,600, with the continued dedication and hard work of everyone, halving that # is not out of the picture by end of contest (although the goal is still 25% deducation which is ~80 more triaged in the next few days). This chart shows how fast we’ve seen a decline:

More so, on the list of top bug closers we can see that our team (including some new names) dominate FDO 🙂 — I only wish the list included # of bugs moved from UNCONFIRMED to some other status — oh well.

I hope to get some preliminary #’s out per person this weekend – but don’t hold your breath, it’s pretty tedious getting the #’s together.


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2 responses to “More Good News with Contest”

  1. steve says :

    Joel, the link to the weekly stats is broken.

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