Contest – Day 1

Well, I have to say that the results of day 1 (not results but overall numbers) are quite impressive 🙂 Well surpassing my expectations. We are ~20 hours into the contest and the UNCONFIRMED bug count is down by 43 bugs – which turns out to be about 3.6% of the overall UNCONFIRMED count.

I haven’t crunched #’s to see who is the leader(s) yet as I’m still trying to figure out the easiest way to do it – might just be manually counting – but hopefully I will have a list up tomorrow at some point.

Thanks all for participating – my 25% goal maybe was too conservative….. 🙂


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4 responses to “Contest – Day 1”

  1. quest says :

    I propose that someone take care for this regressions because it’s very annoying.

  2. joelmadero says :

    Well…a couple points. We are triaging, not fixing bugs (very different). The code is there for anyone to look at so anyone can fix the bug(s). If the bug is particularly annoying for you there are paid services if you need it fixed immediately, else developers have a ton on their plate and they’re fixing tons of bugs (including regressions) all the time – many of them are volunteers and have 100% freedom to choose what bugs to fix.

    Also commenting on specific bugs on my blog – well….nevermind.

    I’ll see if I can bibisect it – in the future though…don’t expect me to immediately jump on a bug if you put a comment on my blog

    If you want to make the product better I suggest you get involved – help QA (or any of the other teams) and be a part of the solution 🙂 Thanks!

    • quest says :

      Joel, maybe I made mistake and maybe commenting bug report on dev’s blog isn’t good idea (at least isn’t well received by them), but could you answer me for one more question? Developers have “freedom of choice” and we can experience it on every step. For example, Fridrich Strba developed import filter for (almost?) dead Mac files [ ]. So if somewhere, there is “scale of significant things”, this one has very low priority but no one is telling “bad word” because you have your freedoms and you do everything whatever you only wants to. On the other hand, you are also SUSE’s employees, aren’t you? So I am constantly thinking why **opening file** made by LibreOffice has lower priority than other non-necessary things. It’s ridiculous that I can open file from dead software and can’t open file made by the same, but older, office suit. Developers can disregard this issue (and you do), but tell me one thing, is it official policy of SUSE?

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