Successful Bug Hunting Weekend

It was pretty obvious from the beginning that we were having a strong showing from the community to help hunt down bugs in our upcoming 4.3 release – and a big thank you to all of those who participated. A few highlights:

  • At least 15 new faces were present in the QA channel throughout the weekend and are confident many will be around in the future to help with ongoing QA tasks :-D
  • 106 total bugs were reported from Friday until right now
  • 57 of those were against 4.3 beta1
  • 14 confirmed regressions with an additional 4 possible regressions (note that some of these were duplicates (6), but none the less people took the time to report so fantastic news)
  • All but 6 of the 57 bugs have already been triaged
  • 5 bibisects were done on regressions for 4.3
  • 5 bugs have already been RESOLVED-FIXED (crazy!)

Really great work everyone – I’m confident that developers will take it over from here and will be thrilled to see the work that was done this weekend.

Fantastic Day #1 for Bug Hunting

Today we really had an incredible showing of support in testing LibreOffice 4.3 beta1. I saw a dozen or more new faces in the chat and some new contributors were responsible for finding some of the nastier regressions that have now been reported and bibisected.

A big thank you to those who participated and I strongly encourage others to jump into the chat in the next couple days to say hello and see what we’re up to.

34 bugs have been reported against 4.3 beta1 in the past 24 hours. Quite a few of those are marked as regressions and many are already bibisected.

Huge thank you!


4.3 Bug Hunting Session

Hi All -

As many of you already know – 4.3 is quickly approaching :-D In order to help our developers make the best release possible we’re asking everyone available to join our bug hunting session this weekend (May 23 – 25).

What is a bug hunting session? Well that’s simple – simply download the latest daily version of 4.3 and use it. Do as many different things as possible using the pre-release and if you hit a snag, report it on our bug tracker. That simple – anyone can do it!

Beta Packages:

Debian 32 bit:

Debian 64 bit:

RPM 32 bit:

RPM 64 bit:

OSX 32 bit:

OSX 64 bit:


Also the chat room will have experts available to help walk you through downloading, installing, and reporting any bugs found. You can join us here:


More information about but hunting session can be found here:

LibreOffice can only become better if we continue to grow our list of people testing and contributing back – if you have any spare time this weekend please join us in the chat and say hello. I look forward to talking to many of you!

Florian is Comparing MSO to LibreOffice – Needs YOUR Input

Florian is doing some sweet comparison work between LibreOffice and Microsoft Office and would like YOUR input. What would you like him to test/compare?

Swing by his blog when you get a chance and give him some suggestions :-D His first comparison is already up and looks awesome:

Contest Results :)

Here is the list of people who participated and the order which they came in :) If you don’t see your name and you should be on there – just let me know.

Thanks to everyone who participated and hopefully many of you will stick around to continue helping – there is always enough work to share :)

Joel Madero
Thomas Hackert
Joren De Cuyper
Steve Bell
Thomas v.d Meulen
Cor Nouws
Ken Biondi
Jacques Guilleron
Florian Reisinger
Jean-Baptiste Faure
Michael Münch
Zoltan Laszlo
Robinson Tryon
Joan G.
Jan Koberstein
Tim Passingham
Brenda Granados
Ahitagni Mandal
Ralph Aichinger

How Many People Use BSA for the first bug report

Thought it  was interesting:

Unique reporters for bug: 8,188

Reporters using BSA for first report: 2,601

% Of Users using BSA for first report: 31.77%

Quite a bit lower than I anticipated but this includes reports from before BSA was created – could explain it.

And…I’m back :)

Well all – my move is done, handed in my keys in to my old landlord today and my wife and I are happy to call downtown San Diego our new home (we lived in San Diego before – just not downtown ;) ) That being said, net is turned on, and I’m back in action so – hi :)

Onto business – I saw some great stuff going on on FDO so I did a bit of digging. Since the contest (which by the way, almost done counting) 309 bugs have been filed but our UNCONFIRMED bug count has only climbed by 20 or so – really great work everyone, thanks for the hard work


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